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VCT Stripping Wax Floors in New York, NY

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VCT Stripping Wax Floors

Floors coated with wax or stain can go from bright and beautiful to dull and dingy in a matter of years. Removing existing treatments and refinishing them is the best way to bring them back to life, but can be a huge amount of work, that is why our professionals in New York, NY are here to do the job for you.

Removal of Existing Wax Treatments

The first step is to remove existing wax or other treatments and cleaning the floor to prepare it properly.

Application of New Flooring Solutions

Once the floor is prepared, we apply the new treatments evenly to ensure a uniform look.

Applying the Finishing Touches

We'll handle buffing, smoothing, and reapplication if it is needed, leaving you and your New York, NY home or business with stunning floors.